Amazing Paint Ideas For Your Living Room

Posted on: 4 November 2015

If your living room is lacking color, there are many ways you can brighten up this space and make it more modern in design. By painting your walls, you can transform your living space into something new and impressive. Gather up some paint samples, and see what hues and styles will work best for you so your residential painter will know just what to splash on your walls. Here are ideas for painting your living room so it looks amazing no matter what's in style.


If pastels are your favorite colors, then you need to be creative with the tones you choose. Pastels are muted hues by nature and can make a large living room look flat without a splash of color or a complementary pattern. If you want pastels for your living room, try this decorating idea: paint 3 of your walls a decadent pastel, such as mint green, soft yellow, or a dusty pink. Wallpaper the remaining wall with a decorative pattern, such as lace overly designs or floral patterns, that matches your other walls. The result will be the beautiful pastel hue you love mixed with a surprising splash of color that will delight all your guests and make your room look truly unique. A residential painter, like JV Painting & Decorating residential painting services, can provide both painting and wallpapering services to you.


If you love living on the edge and contemporary style, then metallic paint in your living space is just what you need. All you need to do is decide whether you want gold, silver, bronze, or copper as your hue, and a residential painter can do the rest. Metallic paint breaks up the monotony of your current paint and adds a modern flair to your room. Ask your residential painter if they can add a horizontal stripe a few inches thick of metallic paint on your walls to make your decor stand out in whole new ways.

Metallic paints work best on the following hues:

  • off-white
  • black
  • dark gray
  • light blue

Color block

Color blocking is the act of matching 2 totally different hues together to make a complete statement. For example, many people combine dark yellow and royal purple together to create an oddly matching pair. This style technique works for clothing and can work for your walls as well. Simply choose 2 paint tones that you love but normally wouldn't use in the same room, such as variances of blue and orange, or pink and green. Then choose what walls you want to paint which colors. Voila- your residential painter will soon have your living room walls looking very contemporary, colorful, and chic, just like you want.

Painting your living room bold new hues (or even adding wallpaper to the mix) is a great way to make this space appear more inviting and fun. Consider all your painting ideas before choosing the right colors for you, and then let your residential painter get to work transforming your living space into something you will love.