Painting Living Room Walls: Why You Should Hire A Professional

Posted on: 8 December 2015

Do you need to paint the walls in your living and don't want to take a long time doing it? Hiring professional painters to paint the walls is the best solution to the problem, and it can also help you avoid exposure to the volatile organic compounds in paint. Discover in this article the risks involved with exposure to volatile organic compounds, as well as what professionals charge to paint walls. 

Why is Exposure to the Volatile Organic Compounds in Paint Risky?

One of the most harmful volatile organic compounds found in paint is a chemical known as formaldehyde. Basically, formaldehyde is a dangerous health risk because it is a human carcinogen. You should avoid exposing your body to human carcinogens at all costs because they can lead to the development of cancer. Even if you opt for painting your walls with a paint that has a small amount of volatile organic compounds in it, you are still taking a big health risk. Professional painters have the skills required for limiting the amount of chemicals that they are exposed to when working on a project.

Being exposed to the chemicals in paint for a long time can also put your central nervous system at risk for problems. One of the harmful effects that you can possibly experience is constant twitching in your eyes while you are painting. The twitching stems from the chemicals in paint having a negative effect on your brain. In the worst case scenario, you can collapse in the middle of the project from inhaling volatile organic compounds.

Some of the less severe health risks involved with painting on your own that will usually subside without any major medical attention includes:

  • A runny nose
  • Irritated eyes
  • Uncontrollable sneezing

How Affordable is it to Hire Professional Painters for Interior Walls?

Professional painters charge based on the size and number of walls that you need to be painted. You will also be charged if the painters are the ones bringing the paint to complete the project. The type of paint that you opt for will affect the overall price. If your living room is 15x20 feet or bigger and all of the walls are being painted, you should expect to pay a professional at least $300 and up.

The money invested is worth it because you won't have to purchase any supplies or risk exposure to volatile organic compounds. Hire a professional painter (such as one from Strictly Residential Professional Painting Services) for your interior wall project as soon as you can!